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**Closure Notice** 

as of Jan 1st, 2023

  • No more Walk-In services including nail trims

  • Online booking has been disabled

  • Not accepting new clients 


Please begin searching for another groomer

2 Barking Sisters Dog Spaw will be temporarily closing at the end of this year. The building we are renting has sold so we have to find a new home. We have been looking for a building that suits all of our needs and is still affordable, but after many months we have yet to find a good spot. 


So beginning Jan 1st, our temporary home will be much, much smaller so we will not be able to groom nearly as many dogs as we currently are. We will not be accepting new clients during this time (we will honor all gift certificates) and we cannot accept any walk-in services including nail trims. We will try to keep some of our current clients but unfortunately this means many of you should look for other grooming options at least until our situation changes. We will let everyone know if and when we do find a new spot, but until then we will not be able to take care of all your sweet pups. 

I am so sorry for this inconvenience as I know it is tough to get into any groomers in Missoula. If you have an existing appointment with us and are able to get in elsewhere, please let us know so we can adjust our schedule. If your new groomer needs any information from us regarding your dog’s haircut, please feel free to have them contact us. Again…we are truly sorry and will miss seeing you and your doggies.

Please call, text or email us with any questions.



Full Service Grooming

Just a Bath & Brush

Nail Trimming

Do You Have a Good Boy or Girl That Needs Some Love?


Bring them to our dog groomer in Missoula, MT


Is your pooch looking a little scraggly? Has your puppy princess let her hair get a little wild and unrefined? Whether your pup needs a full fur reshaping or he's just overdue for a bath and a brush, you can bring your best friend to 2 Barking Sisters' Dog Spaw. We're a full-service pet grooming facility offering a range of grooming services to dogs of all sizes and all breeds in Missoula, MT.

Our staff of devoted dog lovers will take care of your doggo, no matter if he or she is a nervous nelly, a grumpy guff or the friendliest of fellows. If your dog is due for a quick scrub, begs for a fancy haircut or needs a pawdicure, 2 Barking Sisters' Dog Spaw offers an array of grooming services that are perfect for your pooch.

Call 406-531-2765 right now to book an appointment with a dedicated, talented and professional dog groomer.


Doesn't Your Dog Deserve the Best Treatment?

Show your love by booking a full-service pet grooming appointment in Missoula, MT

Pamper your puppy


When you bring your furry friend to 2 Barking Sisters' Dog Spaw in Missoula, MT, your four-legged companion will be in for lots if pampering and you can be sure your pup will love every visit to the pet groomer.

Indulge your dog in a range of relaxing and beautifying services, including:

  • Bathing

  • Brushing

  • Hair cutting

  • Nail trimming

  • Nail grinding

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Teeth Brushing



We'll give them loads of lovin' while they're here. Book an appointment online now with a dog groomer right away.

Golden Retriever

A well-groomed dog is a happy dog

Has your pup been splashing around in the mud behind your house again?

Plan a dog bath for her at 2 Barking Sisters' Dog Spaw.

Do you have an aspiring canine tap dancer walking around your home?

Maybe it's time for dog nail trimming services.

Whatever your fluffy little one's grooming needs are, our expert staff will make sure they get five-star treatment.

Reach out to us right away to learn more about the packages we offer.


I have tried many other dog groomers in Missoula. 2 Barking Sisters does an amazing job, and they are wonderful to my dogs every time we're in. Highly recommend! - Brenda S.

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